Friday, February 03, 2012

Who do you think you are?

So that charity thing I am participating in isn't going as well as we would have liked. Many airlines have shot us down, which is understandable. I mean they can't help every group of students trying to raise money by getting as far away from their universities and back in 50 hours. 

So far we have managed to raise £357 pounds for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Which hopefully will be  enough to do something with, including the money that other groups have gotten them. 

It's sad that so many people on facebook who you would expect to take 5 minutes to donate £10 of money they have enough of to go towards a good cause. Or if anything just to help out a friend or old friend who is helping out charity. It really shows what kind of people are surrounding you when people you haven't spoken to in years donate to the cause. 

Have a good think about that world
And donate if you can to

Love and Peace.

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Anonymous said...

I HEAR you, sista.

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