Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Quasimode

QUASIMODE: are a Japanese jazz band, formed in 2002. They have released a few albums, their first being in 2006 titled 'oneself-LIKENESS' and their latest full album coming out in 2010 called 'Daybreak'. They have got a few smaller albums that have also been released up until last year. They have a typical jazz ensemble, and have some really nice chilled songs
One I like is called 'Whisky's High featuring AFRA

This was a one of the hardest letters for me, trying to pick a band that wasn't as well known to people. The easy one would have been Queen obviously. 
I also found a band called LE QUECUMBAR ALLSTARS. They are a group of artists that got together in the Le Quecumbar in London and recorded and album. It also has kind of a gypsy swing, jazz feel to the album. Unfortunately they don't have any video clips I can put up but if you search them on spotify, or visit their album page (if you are outside the UK) try listening to the preview clips and see what you think. :D 

Love and Peace everyone

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Hey your blog is quite interesting. New bands and artists, it's a good theme :-)

Judy said...

Love jazz! Love Queen!! I'll have to listen to Quasimode - - thanks for the tip!

New follower here!

Yeah! That would be way hard to find a band, besides Queen, that starts with! Love the background pic on your blog though. Just had to say. Very cool! :)

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