Friday, September 18, 2009


On my way to university tomorrow. I'm driving up with my mother, which will be nice. To have her come and help me unpack a ton of my stuff that could fill a moving truck which is being stuffed into a tiny red car.
Staying in halls will be the best time of my life so I'm told- and I can't wait! Despite being so nervous I could chew off all my fingernails and probably imagine 10 different situations all going favor or humiliating me. But fingers crossed anyway right??

Reading back on my blogs from year 10 makes me laugh so hard I ALMOST peed my pants. Luckily I have never done that in my lifetime. So.. maybe next lifetime hey?! ;) Haha
But they seem to be written in a language no longer used by most 18 year olds. But has now been adapted by my 14 year old sister > who I miss like a crackwhore misses her daily fix when she is in rehab for her kids and getting her life in order. Fortunately for me I will never stop missing my daily sister fix, and I get to see her at Christmas. Merriest time of the year, so I'm told. :D

So for now... To all my graduate classmates at Tanglin 2009-- good luck at university and national service and hopefully we will party together soon.

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