Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blogger's Addiction: None here

Having been absent from this blogspot for nearly a year, and before that more than 3 years, my pre new years resolution is to make more of an effort to write....
The past year at the University of Kent has been pretty successful and it is true that the friends you make in the first year, even the first week, are the ones that most people tend to stay friends with. I have been living in a house this year, with 6 other housemates, and although chaotic, it has been much more fun and exciting than last year. Being in my second year, is yes scarier because all efforts count towards your degree but also more rewarding since I feel like I know what I am doing a little more.

The best part about living in a house instead of uni halls, has to be having a kitchen again, since surviving an entire year with a microwave and a kettle was almost barbaric, and I do not recommend it. All I can add is thank the landlord that we have a dishwasher or my need for a clean kitchen surface wouldn't ever be fulfilled.
On the kitchen front, coming up is 'Thanksgiving'... not a traditional English holiday but one that I intend to celebrate by cooking a turkey roast, and some sort of pie... So Happy Thanksgiving in advance to all the Americans out there.

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