Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Having become a student, I have realized something about myself. Not everyone has a compulsive need to clean up after themselves straight away (or even during the process) when they make a meal. Everyone has a different level of cleanliness in the kitchen, and it just so happens that I am not one of those people who can go for days without washing said pans. I'm not a confrontational person, and usually I don't mind cleaning it up other people's as well, because I am going to wash my things up anyway.... But leaving them there for 2 days to crust up and become disgusting to look at piling up is appalling. They do warn you about student living upon arriving at university. I wish I had the ability to adopt a hippy like mindset. if I was going to go back and be someone from the 60's and 70's it would have to be a hippy.

Drifting off topic a little, the only thing that does seem strange is that there is a dishwasher in the house, so it requires minimal effort to put dirty dishes in there to be cleaned. In a house with 7 people, the pans get used often and more than once per meal time, so it seems to me common sense to clean up promptly.
Having said this my housemates are great in all other respects and perhaps I need to keep my newly found obsessive need to have things clean in check!! 

That's all for now
Love and Peace

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