Friday, January 27, 2012


So since this year is not the end of the world.... I've decided to reassume my position as occasional blogger. I didn't blog the entire year last year because, well since I'm being honest, I absolutely forgot about blogspot. SHOCK! I know it's sort of a crime. But who knows who reads these anyway right? 

Well it's my final 6 months of university. This thought blows my mind, my brain is splattered across all four walls of my room as you read. Physically impossible, but hey, that is what it feels like. There is this nervous anxious excited energy that is recognizable in everyone who is finishing this June, and I love it. Although I know I am going to be pursuing the career most associated with nomads and unsettled low paid hopefuls, I am just happy to be going into the world and trying it out. 

Since the age of 5 I have been a student. I am also many other things, but as I near the end of my university adventure I can't wait to not be a student for a bit and just explore the world. I expect it shall be a shock to both my mind and my wallet. They should really create halfway houses for students who aren't quite ready to handle the real world and need a slow transition into it! But Alas, this cannot be. 

So fishes, get ready to take the metaphorical plunge! 
Until next time

Love and Peace 

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