Sunday, February 26, 2012

Coaches are Gods!

So I just got back from my 50 hour Escape and Evade Challenge.
Result: We made it to Glasgow :D
Raised: £525 for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Considering that we hadn't made any ground on acquiring plane or travel reservations, and were basically going into this blind and with nothing, I am quite proud. We also go back to discover that 2 groups of the 6 participating had dropped out, and that one isn't making back in time - after having one too many in Amsterdam.

Milage wise- google has told me that it was 996 miles in total. So fingers crossed we come out the winners, because that would be amazing. We have slept in Victoria Coach station and on various buses/coaches, and eaten in random places and been cold most of the time.

Thanks to Longleys taxi's, Megabus Coaches, and Greyhound Buses UK, for getting us to these places- and thanks for nothing to most airlines, train lines, and national express!
Can't believe we did it.

Yay team Charity Skywalkers!

Love and Peace x

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