Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bucket List

My Bucket List- Well it's more a list of things I want to do before I'm 30. So I have 9 years :D Since my 21st is on tuesday march 6th 2012. I can't wait!

Here is the list as it stands now:
sing in a jazz club
be in a broadway musical
live in europe
live in new york
learn to play piano
learn to read music properly
learn sign language (in progress)
watch all the star wars movies/bond films
learn to scuba dive
be published somewhere
walk a red carpet event
Get 100,000 views on a youtube singing video
Make my own album
be in a film
be on a tv show or series
learn to use photoshop
have a photograph in a magazine
go to antarctica to see penguins
learn to write with my right hand
go to a film festival
go to a camping music festival
learn spanish and french
volunteer with big cats
volunteer in asia
Work in a summer camp in america

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Carole said...

Nice blog. This is my travel bucket list.

Andrina said...

Thanks- A travel bucket list is a great idea. I will definitely be making one!

Carole said...

Wow, you are going to have to move quickly to pack all this in in 9 years! The benefits of youth.

Andrina said...

Well getting a few done each year is the plan for now. Most of them I can do myself- for some it's all about who you know! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey you, we should TOTALLY do more volunteering together :) I also want to volunteer with big cats, and maybe sloths?! xx

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