Monday, March 12, 2012

Broadway/West End

So, as I am graduating from university this year, In JULY! I have had to think about what I want to do with my career. And since I am studying Drama and Theatre Studies with English, and I sing constantly- I have decided and realized that my secret, and now public desire is to be in a musical on broadway or the West End. (This is of course on of many career opportunities on the table right now, supposing that this one doesn't pan out, travel writing and physical theatre and other such things are also options.)

However, my current list of musicals I would be happy to be in goes as follows:
* Wicked
* Cats
* West Side Story
* Hairspray
* Chicago
* Singing in the Rain
.... and so on

So it's time to get cracking. Starting to go on auditions and keeping my voice limber, as well as emailing contacts I have and seeing if they have any contacts in musical theatre. 
Wish me Luck

Love and Peace.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard you sing, you star in ALL of these. Except Hairspray, you're too slim and hot.

Anonymous said...

I havw also heard you sing and you have an amazing voice! Just go for as many auditions as you can,

Nikki said...

Good luck :D That sounds like a great career!

Good luck on your Broadway quest!

And Singin' in the of my favorite musicals of all time. Good choice, that.

Joe Richardson

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