Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

My friend This Charming Kate has given me the one lovely blog award.
The rules are that you have to:
- List 7 things about yourself
- Award at least 5 other bloggers (originally it was 15 but my blogger-sphere isn't that large yet)

So here goes:

1. I was born in London, but have grown up in Asia mainly- in Malaysia, Japan, and Singapore. I love living in Asia, it will always be home in my mind, especially whilst my family is still there.
2. I have dual citizenship, so I'm both American and British. I really enjoy living in England at the moment, I am planning on moving to London after I graduate university this July. Although I do want to live in New York or LA for a while at some point in my life.
3. I love travelling, I have been really lucky growing up and because I was based in Asia, I got to go to some amazing places. I love to photograph everything when I am on trips, maybe even too much.  I wish I was better at photography though, need to get more practice. Also wish I had money to buy more vintage film cameras.
4. I am an amazing procrastinator, and the internet is just fuel to my procrastinating fingers. My latest demons, are YoutubeIMDBPinterest, Guardian and Digital Spy
5. I am a technology lover, I don't promise to be an expert. But given the choice between £500 pounds spend on gadgets or say... an iPad, or shoes or a really expensive coat, I would choose the technology every time.
6. I am a singer through and through. I am forever singing, and most often if someone starts to sing something that I know I will join in. I love most genre's of music, my itunes has about 7000 songs on with genres ranging from Classical, to Jazz to, Punk, to Heavy Metal, to Bluegrass and the list goes on. I love to perform.
7. My family is so important to me. I don't know what I would do without them. Me and my sister are 4 years apart, but we are just really close. She is an amazing person and really talented, hopefully we get to live together again soon. I've been living away from home for 3 years now, which is amazing, and so much fun. I still love being back home and having us all together again in Singapore though.

Now for the awarding of my fellow blog-ites: (Really like your blogs folks :D )
1. A Cup of Jo
2. Chiz Chat
3. The Londoner
4. The Story (Claudia Moser)
5. Chocolate Teapot

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Anonymous said...

Ah, don't you just love A Cup of Jo?! x

kikilalah said...

Spectacular BLog..

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