Friday, March 30, 2012


Hey everyone,

So I since my friend Kate has been exploring the world or nail art. I decided to get my girl on and try it out myself. 

I really love the silver and dark blue. I used rimmel polish for the blue and the face shop polish for the silver. the silver polish is an amazing consistency and just slides on. The hand nails didn't last very long, as usual my fingernail polish normally chips by the end of the day for me, but it will stay on my toes for a while. Maybe when I have finished all my final university assignments I shall venture into being more of a girl, and make some effort to beautify myself. 

Thats it for now really... hope you are all having splendid days.
Oh also I am participating in the Blogging A-Z in April Challenge so starting on Sunday I shall be blogging daily. I haven't decided on a particular theme for my blog posts yet, so it may just be random for this year, but if anyone has any ideas they are welcomed. 

Love and Peace x

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Anonymous said...

Girrrl, you don't even need beautification ;) x

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