Wednesday, April 04, 2012

D is for Daughter

DAUGHTER: A British singer Elena Tonra and now with a band accessories, she started off releasing her own songs, and then an EP 'His Young Heart' and then later teamed up with Igor Haefeli to produce her latest EP 'The Wild Youth'. She's got an acousticy folk sound, and a lovely voice to listen to. 
My favourite song is one she did a while ago called Youth from her new album
All her video's have a very well polished finish in terms of video recording, and she has a chilled, melancholy kind of sound. Not really an upbeat sunshine kind of mood, but nice to listen to. Check out her Youtube Channel for more videos.

And for my second band, they are a bit more well known,

DAVID WAX MUSEUM: They are a folk band that blend Mexicana son music with Americana, otherwise dubbed 'Mexo-American'. They have only been around for a few years, but I love their music. Recently they have been getting some recognition, and have done songs and interviews with NPR.
Their recent album Everything is Saved is filled with great songs. My favourite being the one they are most recognized for 'born with a broken heart' 
Thats all for today folks
Love and Peace

P.s. I found out what that instrument was in the Aunt Martha video- its a harmonium. How awesome! (Daughter plays one in her song Medicine)

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I'm loving Elana. Thanks. I always love finding new music.

Jen from

Would you say the second one is Folky? Hmmm... ? I liked it though.
Found you from the Ato Z challenge. I'm number 970 :)

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