Tuesday, April 03, 2012

C is for Cats on Fire

I originally wanted to keep these daily bands to one per letter, however I have discovered that there are too many good ones that I want to share with you, so the number may vary for each letter.
So the first band is one that is more well known, Cats on Fire. They are a Finnish group, formed in 2001 with their first EP album out in 2003, they have continued making tracks up until their lastest one in 2010. 

My favourite song of theirs is Higher Grounds
I love their sounds, and the singer Mattias Bj√∂rkashas seems so quirky or stage, and they seems to love performing their music. I wish I could see them in concert, as I listen to their songs a lot. They just put you in the mood for sunshine and a BBQ. 

The second artist is C.W Stoneking to keep within the banjo theme. He is an Autralian Blues musician. He has an amazing blend of blues, and jazz, and banjo, with a raspy brass section and soulful voice. This song Jungle Blues is one of my favourites. The link on the name is to the album version of the song. But here is the live one as well. He reminds me a little of Cab Calloway- another amazing artist, who I'm sure you've heard of. If not go and search his songs as well. Amazing!! 
Love and Peace 
P.s. Can any of you think of any good bands for the letter C?? 

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The Civil Wars are great.

ayjay said...

Love your theme for A-Z! I think I will have to come back to learn about some new bands! (I have an Aunt Martha and I totally just sent her a link to your blog!)
~AJ @ frodofrog.blogspot.com

Haven't heard of these. I really liked the Cats on Fire song. Thanks for sharing :)

Anna@ Herding Cats & Burning Soup

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