Saturday, April 07, 2012

F is for The Fruit Tree Foundation

So, sorry for the delay with this post... Have had a couple of assignment deadlines recently. But F is indeed for The Fruit Tree Foundation! This is actually a foundation, that released a CD of song collaborations with different artists from the folk and indie scenes.
It was started in Scotland, by Musicians Rod Jones and Emma Pollock. The aim being to raise awareness for mental health problems and their preconceptions. The songs also try to explore the stereotypes and childhood mental health issues.

Their album came out last year- which you can listen to on spotify if you have it.... a lot of the songs are on youtube, or you can buy them here.
This song is called 'Just as Scared'- its got a slow feel to it, and they use some minor notes to give it a creepy kind of sound, and not as upbeat. But I enjoy it....

Also for F- is the New Zealand band FIVE MILE TOWN: who have just released their single 'Saturated'
This song reminds me a little of The Kooks, and the singer sounds a bit mumford and sons but I like their stuff so far.

Love and Peace

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I like the second one. Thanks.


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