Monday, April 09, 2012

H is for The Honey Brothers

THE HONEY BROTHERS: are a group of guys, who came about around 2001with their folksy harmonised, mariachi type style. They have instruments such as the ukelele, banjo, cow bell, electric guitar, and drums, keyboards all the usual things! Their debut album came out in 2003 called 'Honey 4 U' which was engineered by Adrian Grenier (actor in Entourage and other things).
They had a couple of other albums released in 2006 called 'Songs for your Sister' and ones from 'The Winter Tour'. If you want to check out the rest of their albums there are some on their page, as well as on youtube, and spotify.

My two favourites are called 'Little Boy' (sorry I couldn't find a live version for this one)

And also 'Moonlight' (which also has no live version or music video)

Also another band that I wanted to share with you is called HOW TO SWIM: They are a 9 piece orchestral pop band from Glasgow. They have been together for a while, but their first album was released in 2010 titled 'Retina (or More Fun Than A Vat of Love)'. I love their songs, they are so original with their lyrics, and I love the fusion of their instruments with the pop sound. 

One of my favourites from their album is called 'High School Apocalypse' (the video isn't that great and they didn't have a live one for this particular song)
So folks, I hope you like the H songs. 
Does anyone have interesting factoids involving the letter H?

Love and Peace

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