Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Joy Kills Sorrow

JOY KILLS SORROW: is a Boston based string band, that draws on bluegrass roots, and ties it with a modern acousticy sound. They first cropped up in 2005. Their self titled album was released in 2006, and Their second album came out in 2010 titled 'Darkness Sure Becomes This City'. And the most recent was released in 2011 title 'This Unknown Science'

My favourite song is called 'You Made it Easy' but it's not on youtube so if you click the name it will take you to the page you can listen to it on! Another good one is called 'Send Me a Letter'

My other band for J is called JUXTAPOLLUTION: Troy Holder makes all the tracks himself, and isn't signed or anything. There aren't really any vocals on the tracks that I've listened too, and its mostly drum and bass rhythms. 
One of the one's I like is called 'Song for Charles'  (If you click on that link it will open the page that has the song right there on it.)

If you like that kind of thing he has a bunch of little albums that are filled with different rhythms. Here is a link to his bandcamp, where you can listen to them all. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their A-Z challenges- I'm starting to get worried about what music I will have for the letter Z. 
Love and Peace. 

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I hope you're enjoying the Challenge!

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nutschell said...

wow never heard of these bands before:)
Just A-Zing around!

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