Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for The Kopecky Family Band

THE KOPECKY FAMILY BAND: are a band that blends neo-classical, folk and electric, and rock like sounds. Originally from Nashville, they have starting gathering a following. They have released two albums one in 2010 called 'The Disaster' the other coming out last year called 'of Epic Proportions', and I think there is one more called 'The Embraces'

My favourite one is called 'Little Baby Sister'

K is also for KO KO: Brothers Ryan and Taylor Lawhorn, originating from California, they grouped together with fellow musicians, who have lived in California, and "have never seen a real winter". They have come up with some great sounding stuff so far, their sound is very breezy, if that makes any sense, it kind of floats around you. 
Here is a link to their bandcamp. Please go and check it out there are only three songs and I like them all. 

Finally K is for THE KING BLUES: a band from London, UK - originally considered political, they have been around since 2004, and fuse ska with folk and punk rock sounds. Apparently they announced this year that they have split up, but they have a few albums if you wanted to check it out. 
One of the songs I like of theirs is called 'I Got Love'

Love and Peace everyone. Apologies for the late delivery on K. Will do better tomorrow. :D

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