Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for The Narcoleptic Dancers

THE NARCOLEPTIC DANCERS: is a half-brother and sister duo from the Netherlands. They have a kooky indie pop type sound, with nice melodies. Their trademark look is that they drape their hair over their eyes, kind of a cousin it look. Their first EP came out in 2010 titled 'Not Evident' and their album 'Never Sleep' came out last year.
My favourite song is the first one I heard by them called 'Not Evident'

N is also for NOUS NON PLUS: they are a french indie-rock band, based in New York City. They have been around for a while but only released albums quite recently. Their songs are really upbeat, and happy to listen to. They always put me in a good mood. Their first self-titled album came out in 2005, their second titled 'Menagerie' was released in 2009, and their latest titled 'Freudian Slip' came out last year.
My favourite song is called 'Ye-Ye C'est L'ete- Summer song' but I couldn't find that one anywhere but on spotify for those of you in the UK. So Here is 'J'en Ai Marre- Had Enough'

Love and Peace :)

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You are giving me the best I-tunes wish list!

You might want to check out the video I have up on my blog today for the letter N - you may like him.

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