Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Urbantramper

URBANTRAMPER: is a 'future folk' band from New Zealand. The number of members seems to fluctuate, but they have released a few albums. Originally more of an acoustic sounds their latest tracks have developed more of an electronic sound. But all their albums have some good tracks. Their first album was in 2007 titled 'Tokon and The Colours', another in 2009 titled 'Rise and Toward' and their latest being in 2010 titled 'All That is Solid Melts into Air'.
One of my favourites is called 'How do you have your tea?' off of their first album

U is also for UZI & ARI: founded by Ben Shepard, the bands members have also changed a few times. Currently based in Salt Lake City, their sound is a slow building type of song, with a wonderful soft vocal; with a typical keyboard, drums, guitar type set up. Their first album titled 'Don't Leave in Such a Hurry' came out in 2004, and their most recent full album came out in 2008 titled 'Headworms', and they had some tracks released in 2010. 
One I like is called 'Mountain/Molehill', but if you have spotify I suggest you check out their track Thumbsucker from their album 'Headworms' as well, its a bit more upbeat. 

Hope you are enjoying your blog A-Z's. I really must get out to visit more before it finishes. 
Love and Peace.

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Unknown said...

Never heard of these but they sound interesting. Will be checking out more of their music.


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