Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Vetiver

VETIVER: are an American folk band. They great sound, with yes indeed, the banjo featuring on a lot of their tracks. :D Their first album came out in 2004, and they have had a steady stream on various labels, they have also had some good collaborations with artists like Devendra Banhart Recently being signed to SubPop records, their recent album is titled 'The Errant Charm' and was released in 2011. They have a nice laid back sound to them as well.
One of my favourite songs is called 'Wonder Why'

THE VETTES: are a band headed by lead singer Rachel Vette, who recruited her brothers to be in the band. They have a very synth rock/pop sound. So a bit different to the bands I normally post. They released their first EP in 2008 titled 'T.V.' and their first album came out in 2010 called 'Plasticville'
One of their best known songs, which I really like is called 'Give 'Em What They Want', supposedly speaking about the celebrity culture.

Thats all for V.
Love and Peace everyone, hope you are enjoying the A-Z :D

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