Sunday, April 01, 2012

A is for Aunt Martha

My theme is: Music (although I may throw in a film or two) But for the main part I'll be trying to show you artists that I like and that you could like too if you don't already know them... 

Aunt Martha is an Indie band, who's style is indie folk, country style. I recently discovered them last year when their album Norway, ME came out. My favourite song of that album is Blue Buildings

Their songs have a kind of thoughtful and interesting sound to them. In the video, one of them seems to be playing a strange wooden box like contraption, which after endless searching I'm sorry to say I have no idea what it is. 
If you get the chance to youtube their songs, let me know what you think. And whether I was successful in showing you a new band, or whether you liked them.

Thats it for now folks
Love and Peace

P.s. My sister has put my up to the challenge of singing a song for every letter of the alphabet, which I will be attempting over at my youtube channel! Stay tuned!

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Huntress said...

hm. I will investigate Aunt Martha.

thanks for the tip

I love the idea behind this theme. On my blog, PROSE-SPECTIVE, I didn't really come up with a theme, but it is all about writing and my life on that journey.

Cool song. I'll definitely be coming back. Good luck with A to Z.

Brandi said...

Never even herd of Aunt Martha. Great time for me to learn about more bands and groups!

Kellylou said...

Loving Aunt Martha! I'm always hunting new music so I'm excited to see your posts this month!

Must admit I've never heard of them - but I did once have a real Aunt Martha!
(Just popped in from the A-Z Linky List)

Christine said...

They sound really good. But what is that box thing the guy is playing? I've never seen it before.

Good luck with the challenge!

Coffee in the Garden
In the Care of the Great Physician

Cool. My kind of music. Definitely will check back in. And will follow.

Denise said...

I have never heard of this band up until now but I have to say, I only had to hear the intro and I knew that I liked them!

Looking forward to hearing more of the music that influences you.

Oh - and good luck with the Youtube A-Z too :)

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