Monday, April 02, 2012

B is for The Benders

Now I realize that in the UK the term "benders" is slightly rude. However they are actually a band. Hopefully one that not too many of you have heard of. Bear in mind they aren't to be confused with the 1960's garage band that have the same name.

My favourite song of theirs is 'Can't Wait'.
They have a very bluegrass sound, with the banjo, and some great harmonies. Their first album coming out in 2000 with title 'The Benders' and their second in 2001 called 'The Benders ||' and their latest being released in 2003 titled 'Mountain Radio'. You can listen to them in the links. It appears they have been around for longer than I thought. But I love their upbeat tracks, they just put you in a good mood.

The second band I wanted to mention, only have one track out at the moment, but I assume are planning on making a record, there isn't much information on them. They are called Brother/Sister and their song is called Opossum, is so catchy, and just sticks in your head!

And just for fun.... here is the old 1960's band's track called 'Can't Tame Me'. Which is actually not bad either. :D
Love and Peace.

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Great idea for A to Z! This would be so fun finding music for each day :) Thanks for sharing!

Benders song is fun and catchy!

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