Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Walk off the Earth

WALK OFF THE EARTH: is a Canadian indie band. They have been around since 2006, and have some awesome songs. They have been gaining a following recently from doing popular covers and kooky videos. It was only this year that they signed with a record company. They have great guitar skills, and mainly do acoustic covers, in inventive ways. Their vocals have a good blend of male and female. Their first album came out in 2007 titled 'Smooth Like a Stone on a Beach', their second came out last year titled 'My Rock', they feature mostly covers of other bands. Their most recent hit was a video them covering the popular song by Gotye 'Somebody That I used to Know'
One of my favourites though is one they did a cover of 'Little Boxes' that is also above, and one final one because, Hey, lets got a little nuts today, is their most recent video release called 'Polly' which I believe is an original song.
W is also for THE WAVE PICTURES: are a 3 man English indie rock band. They have recorded a string of EP's and singles, and have a couple of albums. They have an amazing light, acoustic sound, with soft vocals and catchy melodies. Their lyrics are often quite whimsical as well. There are too many albums to list, and too many songs I like, but one of my favourite songs by them is called 'Sweetheart'
Love and Peace everyone, sorry for the many video's went a little balloons for this one....

Haha don't know why I chose balloons as my adjective. Must be fatigue. 

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Grammy said...

Hi, very interesting. I'm walking from one blog to the next, trying to visit all of them. Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

Kate OMara said...

Love all the links :)

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