Saturday, April 28, 2012

X is for Xylos Y is for You Won't

So my apologies for missing my post yesterday, I spent the day in bed attempting to write essays, but instead ending up skyping my sister in Singapore. Better than essays if you ask me!
So you want some bands for X and Y you say... Well here you go my splendiferous readers.

X is for XYLOS: a five piece pop group fro New York City. They have some great songs, that are upbeat, and playful, but that don't have awful lyrics. With great vocals, and electronic sounds, as well as your typical band instruments. They have an indie pop kind of sound. Their EP album 'Bedrooms' came out in 2008, with their latest self-titled album out in 2011. They also released a single this year called 'Summerlong'.
One of my favourites is called 'Not Enough'

so Y is for YOU WON'T: are an indie folk band made up of Massachusetts natives  Josh Arnoudse and Raky Sastri. Now based in New York City, they have quite quirky songs. They have been writing songs together since Most of their albums are self recorded, and their most recent one called 'Skeptic Goodbye' has been their only one done by a record label. 
One of the songs I like is called 'Three Car Garage' - just to warn you the first 17 is a little kid screaming a bit in a home video, it made me jump the first time I heard it... 

Sorry there hasn't been as much folk or blues bands, I know that was mostly my theme to start off with. Now it's sort of migrated to indie folk, but I have some good ones for Z so stay tuned for my last A-Z post. 
Love and Peace. 

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I like your theme. It's always fun to expose myself to new music. :-)

I've left you an award over at my blog today!

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