Monday, October 01, 2012

Acting 101

Venturing off, to a place where rejection is inevitable, self-obsession is a habit, and each time we speak it is in front of judges...we are hoping to transform that single moment in time, that will allow us to keep the illusion alive long enough to perform it in front of an audience. 

As long as I have been watching film and theatre and television, I can remember having a secret desire to be in it myself, to be performing with the actors or singers. And so having picked up a degree along the way, I am diving head first into the world of insecurity and chaos. Of having to keep my head above water, so people tell me... So I expect to some degree. I tend to ignore these feelings and focus purely on the desire that drove me to watch actors all these years. My desire to be one of them, and to work with them. 

I've realised that no matter how old I get, I may outgrow the parts I originally wished to play, but as I keep getting older, more parts will become available to me. And therefore it is exactly the opposite of movies, where things happen like magic, and almost instantaneously, but in fact its the beginning of something long but rewarding all the same. 

If anyone else out there has headed into acting, please feel free to share your experience in starting out....

Peace and Love

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